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Cute, tiny,
& adorable!

To answer your first question...
Our puppies normally grow to be on average only around 6 lbs.
Weights do vary & they could be a bit bigger or smaller depending on appitite of course & being a blend of both Chihuahua & Min Pin,
size & type may be evenly mixed or more of one than the other.
Puppies tend to look like a traditional, "Taco Bell" style Chihuahua when grown.

These babies are a very wonderful mix.
Not only are they oh so cute & being mostly Chihuahua
will stay quite small,
they are also a hybrid puppy.
& as you may know these puppies tend to live a much
longer & healthier life than a pure bred animal due to their genetic deversity.

They are extremely smart for little dogs & learn quite quickly & easily.
They are very outgoing & love everyone given proper
socialization when young.
Their take anywhere size, along with their
uniqueness, intelligence & personality makes one wonderful little dog.

Great choice for seniors or appartment dwellers.
Unlike many small breed dogs their coats are very easy to care for & there is no need for
excessive & expensive grooming required.
Being quite little even a cat costs more to keep
& there is no need for walks
(unless you like too!)
Most get plenty of excersize just playing at home.

So if your just looking for a loving, little & economical family pet,
& papers are not important to you,
they will be the perfect choice.

Our babies are very healthy & can be vaccinated if requested
& with deposit.
Vaccination record from qualified vet will be supplied & dewormings are
up to date.

This page is updated regularly, so if it says


No charge deliveries to
Minden, Norland, Orillia, areas
is available,
but only with deposit.
They are well worth a trip no matter where you may be!

If puppies are a gift,
PLEASE be sure the recipient really wants one!

From $450.00.ea.
(Certain rare colours & extra tiny puppies may be marked a bit more.)

Many of you may prefer to use your own vet,
but if you require shots, please add $50.00.
Due to vaccination controversy,
Vaccinations are given only with new owners consent.

Our babies tend to go quite fast so please...

Born Jan. 3rd 2015.
Puppies have just been isted!
Email us for more info.

Mom is Sarah.

Dad is Poncho.
Pictured below.

#1 - Black & Tan Boy -

#2 - Sable- White paws Boy -

#3 - Sable Tri Colour Girl -

#4 - Red Sable Boy -

#5 - Sable & Tan Boy -

#6 - Blond & White Girl -

#7 - Black & Tan Boy -

These are beautiful puppies in lovely & quite rare colours.
If your looking for something extra special, look no further!
These little guys should be ready to go by March 7th.

Our puppies daddies.

Short coat - 5 lbs.

Long coat - 4 1/2 lbs.

Puppies are very little & pix are VERY CLOSE UP!
Puppies look much BIGGER than they actually are.
Its not often you get to see your puppy from very little.
If getting a puppy PLEASE add pix to your photo album!

PLEASE email us for FAST responce to your questions.

A $50.00 deposit is required to hold your puppy for you
until they have shots or go home.
Sorry but we cant hold puppies on promises.
No one seems to keep them these days!
We have driven for hours just to have people NOT show up!
Delivery is possible only if a $50.00 deposit is received.
This is so we know you are really serious about your new baby,
& will actually take them when ready.
If you use PayPal its fast & easy.
or a money order is fine.
Sent Express Post!

ONLY cash, PayPal & Money Orders are accepted for deposits.
Puppy will be yours with deposit received.
For their health & safety,
puppies should be 2 lbs for vaccinations & can only be seen in person if
still available when ready to go.
If puppies are still available at that time,
there is No deposit needed on immediate pick ups.

If you would like one of our puppies,
PLEASE send in your

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Pups marked as

are on TEMPORARY hold & may still be available if deposit is not received.
Please check back or email us if interested in one of these puppies.

Pups marked

are spoken for with deposit received.

Raising happy, healthy babies for over 35 years!
Please read our
Puppy Care page.
If getting a new puppy.

It seems that since we are advertising on line people think this is some sort of
(or maybe its the low price?)
So if you are in any doubt please see our
page for lots of customer comments & pictures of their new Fur Baby.
You can also text us at
(Email is best so we can answer all questions properly & promptly.)

Our puppies are home raised & very healthy!

If you dont want to lose your choice of puppy
& are willing to make a deposit,
your puppy will be held for you & we can deliver near or to your town.
Please remember we cant deliver without deposit.

Ads may disappear but the site is always here,
So please bookmark this page & check back when ready for your new

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Please spay/neuter your new Fur Baby!
An altered pet, makes a BETTER pet!

The traditional search for just the right puppy has people visiting a number of Breeders,
holding pups and making a decision in person.
However, that tradition is helping to spread diseases.
Parvovirus is deadly & is the number one threat to the life of young puppies!
Disease can be carried on clothes, shoes, hands, etc. and then spread
from animal to animal by touching and petting.
Most breeders do not care as long as the animal gets sold!
Our pups are limited from outside contact, and are
available for handling by the public.
Idealy NO babies should be shown until they are ready to go strait into their new forever home.
If you must see them first you may look but not touch, but only when ready to go.
our babies are raised in home so we must be VERY careful about viruses!
This helps insure you a healthy baby & us healthy adults.
Fur Babies has learned the hard way that allowing visitors is far from wise!
We have lost pets in the past from both theft & disease.
Some very loved family pets are no longer with us because of this.
We have lost pups & even a pet ferret!
Not to mention a car stereo, all stolen while being kept occupied by so called buyers.
As you can see things have changed & believe me letting strangers into your home can be a very bad idea these days!
So regardless of what you may think,
Any good new pet owner should fully agree with & appreciate these policies.
So if your looking for a great little pup,
& their health & safety is important to you,
buying on line is smarter & safer for ALL involved!
Thanks so much for your understanding.

Of course we think our puppies are wonderful but
If in any doubt just read our

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